About Smith & Daniels

Hey, hotshot! So you’ve landed on our page, now what? Well, we could convince you with a bunch of bull shit as to why you should commission Smith And Daniels for your next project or print campaign. Tell you what you want to hear, tell you about when we grew up as kids, picking up our mom or dads camera for the first time and instantly found ourselves transcended with the love of photography? Utter rubbish! The simple reality is, we didn’t. We chose to live life, play sports, surf, be adventurous and travel! I personally never had a camera till I was 23yrs old, I started late with everything in life, not by choice I might add. People say things like, fine wines get better over time, some crap like that. We NO fine wine, in fact, we quite like a good craft beer, Gin and coffee.
No, what Smith And Daniels give you is, New Zealand’s very best in commercially photographed sports, such as high profiled celebrities and athletes. We photograph products such as shoes, beauty products and sporting apparel in an unrivalled style. We also photograph lifestyle and have photographed for the likes of Omega, Tissot and Asics. We are creative, we enjoy pushing new ways to represent your product or brand. The bottom line is, the more business you get, the more business we have from you. Its a simple 1 + 1 = 2 situation. So there you have it, we rough around the edges, sure, but we care about every project that comes our way. So now all thats left for you to is get in touch with us.